Moooze Ballz – MOINK Balls with Mozzarella Cheese oozing, yum!



Mooze Ballz  (5)


I was invited to witness the renewed wedding vows of close friends Bob and Susan and afterwards was a BBQ at their home and I was asked to cook for them!

An honour it was!!!

I decided to make my famous Apple & Pork Baked Beans and MOINKS for an appetizer but this time I added a twist!


Instead of using frozen Italian Meatballs wrapped in Bacon I decided to make bigger better home made Meatballs so I cam up with this!


Here is the recipe….


Moooze Ballz

4 lbs of medium ground beef
1 lb. of ground pork
1 Egg
2 packs of Onion soup mix
1 cup  favorite BBQ sauce
2 tbsp favorite beef and or pork rub
1/3 block of Mozzarella cheeze 
2 packs of thick sliced bacon
Bottle of steak sauce 
Jar of Grape Jelly
Tooth pics

Mix the beef, pork, onion soup mix, egg, rub and spices by hand.

Form into palm sized balls inserting a dice sized piece of Mozzeralla in the center.

Wrap with 1 slice of bacon, wrapping once then change to  other direction wrapping the ball on 4 sides hold together with a tooth pic.

Sprinkle more rub over top of bacon

should make about 20- 25 meet balls 

Put balls into oven, smoker or BBQ cooking indirect heat at about 300F for about an hour or hour and a half  getting internal temp to about 165F

Some will have cheese oozing out, that is a good sign as to when done.

At this point you can go right to saucing if serving right away or you can cool and sauce later.

Mix your sauce by combining a 50/50 combination of steak sauce and grape jelly
In a measuring cup or bowl.

The Grape Jelly not only gives the Ballz a glossy reddish colour but also the sugar in the jelly helps the sauce to caramelize on the Ballz.

Dip each ball in Sauce and place on a BBQ at medium heat (you can also place on a foil lined cookie sheet, on to the grill)
Keep watch not letting the sauce burn  and baste the balls with more sauce a few times with a brush or by re-dipping them in the sauce

Remove from heat and serve

Mooze Ballz  (1)

In this pic you can see the size I cubed the Mozzarella cheese into, but at this point the cheese is already inside the meatballs

Also a big Shout out to JP’s Custom Smoke, their Pork and Beef Rubs were used to season , and they are so good!

Mooze Ballz on GrillaD

How the Moooze Balls looked on the Grilla as they started to be smoked.

Mooze Ballz  (5)

I pulled a few off before saucing that I saved for Sunday at home.

I actually smoked the Moooze Ballz on Friday night  and put them sans sauce in the fridge and then into a cooler Saturday morning and then off to Bowmanville 3 hours away.

Then I put them on Bob’s propane BBQ and re-heated them and dipped them into my sauce and back on the grill.

Mooozz Balls (3)

This was after the first dipping, I actually basted them a lot more after that to give more of a coating. Check out the cheeze ooozing out, oh happy day!

Mooozz Balls (5)

Here is one that I was eating, check out the goodness!

Needless to say these were gobbled up quick

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