Do you know the Muffin Pan….. Butter Topped Chicken Thighs

Having seen on Craig Ferguson’s Late Night Show a few years ago with guest Myron Mixon, I was intrigued by his Muffin Pan Chicken that he smoked!

I have made this in the past and it is a great way to do chicken with very little mess.

mpbct1 (5)

Here is how I did it…
I bought a tray of Boneless / Skinless Chicken Thighs.
Opened them all out flat and trimmed off any fat using scissors.
A couple of drops of yellow mustard on each open thigh.
mpbct3 (1)

Added my Favorite Chicken rub from JP Smoke with a good covering on both sides.
mpbct3 (2)
Folded the thighs back up into a ball and into the Muffin Pan and sprinkled even some more of JP’s Chicken rub.
mpbct2 (2)
Here is the best part!, Add a piece of butter on top of each thigh.
mpbct2 (3)
And I had 3 empty spots in the pan so I peeled an onion and out that in one spot and potatoes in the other spots and butter on top of that too!
mpbct2 (4)
Into my Grilla Pellet Smoker Grill with a mix of Apple and Pecan Pellets I smoked them at 300F for about an hour maybe a little more, basically just wanted the inner temp about 175F
mpbct1 (2)

mpbct2 (5)
mpbct1 (2)
Also threw in 4 Foil wrapped Baking Potatoes
mpbct1 (3)
mpbct1 (5)
On to the table for a romantic dinner for two and some wine and plenty for left overs. too.
mpbct1 (4)
The best thing…. No mess the dripping stayed in the pan and it cooked in it’s own juices and butter. The BBQ was clean and the pan rinsed right out.

I could of sauced these too, but on this day I did not bother with sauce. The chicken was juicy and the rub made the outer chicken a little crispy and had lots of flavour!.
Oh and the baked onion was so tasty too, next time I put more onions in the pan instead of the potato.

I did not show it but I used my apple coring/slicer tool on the large potatoes cutting 3/4 through and then adding butter in between the wedges and then foiled it together…. Perfect!

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