Homemade Stick burner in Picton Ontario, makin some Texas Brisket and making me miss my Southern friends

I have not had a lot of time of late to post some articles because of a lot of things going on in my life (but don’t worry folks I have lots of content packed away and will be bringing it too you as I can.)

Today I wanted to forward on to y”all a video that was sent to me by Michael Humphrey


The first thing that came to my mind was that I loved the homemade Stick Burner that appears to be recently made using a stove similar to the one that is used in my work shop to keep me warm in the winter.

Up here in the Toronto area you do not see many home made smokers but rather Cookshacks and Southern Prides to cook up BBQ so for me to see a video of this one gave me chills.

Reminded me of my trips the last 2 years down to Florida which I called Southern Expeditions where I made stops in North and South Carolina, Georgia and in Lakeland Florida home of the annual Pigfest a KCBS event that has about 150 teams competing for honours.

On those trips I see lots of amazing homemade smokers in all shapes, sizes and colours (including rust lol) and you find them at Comps, BBQ Restaurants and many a backyard.

I could go on and on about this but if I did I would also start reminiscing about all of the great friends that I have made the last 3 years and telling you how much I miss these friends that I have made on those trips like Doug and Biggi Francis of Hogs Gone Wild BBQ that I spend a lot of time with at Pigfest in Lakeland, Chad Ward and Whiskey Bent BBQ who also live and compete there as well.

Great guys like Aaron Smith aka Hank Bob in Jacksonville, Proud new parents Michael and Stephanie Baxter in Fitzgerald , Georgia, Wayne Brown in Charlotte, North Carolina Jay Prince in South Carolina. and restaurant owners like Southern Soul Barbeque owners Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp  Not forgetting some of the celebrities of BBQ like Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone and Doctor BBQ Ray Lampe etc that I have had the pleasure to meet and find that they are a lot more like you and I than they are rock stars.

Ok, I better turn this car around, I had not intended to go down memory lane, in 3 months it will be time again to see many of these fine folks as I make  my way down south once again for Southern Expedition III.

Back to the video that started this post, it may not win any Oscars for great acting or great camera shooting but it does give you a look into a couple of guys that are having a blast doin some Q in the backyard breaking in a new smoker and making our mouths water looking at the food that came out of the smokie chamber.

Thanks Michael Humprey for sending this to me :-)


Here are a couple more of his BBQ vids





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