Guest Post by Ms.D – Hey Burger Broads! Why are you having a fundraiser for a ‘Vegetarian’ food bank?

I am proud to have a very special guest writer on my blog today, She is known as the Madame of the Broadhouse…  Ms.D

She has had a vision of pulling together a bunch of broads that like burgers and showing to the world women that are true broads .

I have known her for over a year now, heck maybe two and was even in one of her videos when I was an honorary Burger Broad for a day when they filmed at Dangerous Dan’s in Toronto.

I am going to turn the mike (er I mean keyboard) over to Ms.D herself because she would like to tell you about a special event coming up.



Hey Burger Broads! Why are you having a fundraiser for a ‘Vegetarian’ food bank?

Hello fellow burger lovers, Ms.D (Madame of  www.The here.

As you may or may not know I have been organizing a party (The BURGER Broads Burger BALL) and have also made it a fundraiser. Since we are about food, specifically burgers I thought it only made sense that while throwing a party we also raise funds and awareness for an organization that you probably haven’t heard of. I like to help out the little guy, so to speakJ

People have been asking me “Why a Vegetarian Food Bank?, You are a Burger Broad”

Exactly! I am a Burger Broad. I am a burger lover. That includes vegetarian too. I am a meat eater (not all the time) but I have come across a few veggie burgers in the city that would give a beef burger a run for its money. So, in the course of all this I also want to shake the brain up when you hear the word ‘burger’. A burger isn`t just meat between two buns…. so what better way than to throw a party/fundraiser for a vegetarian food bank?!

The Ontario Vegetarian Food Bank is North America’s only food bank dedicated to Vegetarians. They do everything a regular food bank does only they don’t accept any sort of meat items. ie: canned tuna. They’ve been operating since 2008 providing fresh fruits and vegetables along with vegetarian-friendly non-perishable food items. And like I said, I like to help out the little guy who doesn`t get much press or financial assistance.

The Burger Broads have been around since May 2011 showcasing burgers and interviewing owners of independent establishments. The blog /website went live late December 2011.

Over the course of this time we have done around 25 places within Toronto and a few outside the city limits. That’s a lot of burgers and we’ve had many a burgasm;) We’ve even interviewed a couple of farmers talking about local, organic and sustainability and a butcher getting to the meat of the matter when it comes to knowing where your food comes from.

As much as this is a fundraiser it’s also a Party!

We like to have fun, whoop it up and eat and drink too! Who doesn’t?!

This party is a celebration for everyone who has been involved in front of the camera and behind the scenes. This party is for our fellow burger lovers to come out and meet us while eating and drinking with many, many chances to win some great prizes donated from local businesses as well as stuff from our own Burger Broads.(They are a talented, dynamic bunch!)

Without giving too much away it is an end of year party to celebrate the great past couple of summers we have had and the great people we have met along the way. Once the party has come and gone, we will be hunkering down for bigger plans for next year where we hope to see this venture go across Canada to name but one. Things are in the works as I write this but alas cannot divulge further.

Burger Lovers come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of Life so whether you are a Meatatarian or Vegetarian let the Burger be your umbrella. I do hope you will come out and be part of the celebration and meet some fellow burger lovers. Maybe even make a friend or two.


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