Halloween recipe for Kitty Litter Cake – your friends will love it, but will they eat it??

This year for my first time ever I was attending a Halloween Party.

I have not bothered wearing a costume since I was 14 years old, that is more than 10 years ago.

circa 1968 maybe?

Ok a lot more than 10 years closer to 38 years ago. As a kid I loved to go out trick or treating but parties were never my thing, I was content as a parent just standing at our front door and handing out candies to the rug rats and curtain climbers or walking the streets with my kids or grand kids.

But this year would be different. I have a great circle of friends and for the past few months we have had a few small social gatherings in the Kitchener / Waterloo area where we would have a few drinks and a lot of great conversation, and at each gathering we would get a few new people enter the crew.

During the Summer at a backyard BBQ we came up with the idea to go full out and do a Halloween Party where everyone would not only get dressed up but also bring some ghoulish goodies to share.

I was all for this and I wanted to make something that I knew would look great and taste great but not to sure if people could get their heads around what it looked like!

I was going to make a Kitty Litter Cake.

I remember we had made one maybe 20 years ago but that was a long time ago and back then we used Tootsie rolls to make the cat poop  which were a little tough to chew and I also remember the cake being very dry so I did some research for other ideas.

I found a recipe online using the original ingredients but where I found out some cool changes was by reading the hundreds of comments to the recipe where people have figured out some improvements.

No one had the same changes so this recipe I am about to give you is where I took what I believed to be the best ideas to make the original recipe better.

So lets get started….

First thing first, you need to know the ingredients.

4 boxes of  cake mix (for this try I used 2 boxes of white cake and 2 boxes of chocolate (though next time I would use all white I think or at least 3 white and just one chocolate.

(the cake mix I bought needed water and eggs added, (just follow the instructions on the box)

4- 8 pudding snack cups again I used 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate

1 can of ready to spread chocolate Frosting

1 box of Peanut Butter Cookies (I used Pirate)

1 package of Little Debbie’s Fudge Brownies you only will need one or 2 out the box.

A few drops of Green Food Colouring

And a small bit of Icing Sugar

Of course for presentation you will need a  (I can not stress this enough…) Kitty litter pan and Kitty litter sifter/scoop I do not care how much you wash it if it was ever used… forgetaboutit!

Follow the instructions on the boxes of cake mix and use any pans that you like, shape does not matter and bake the cakes and let them cool to room temperature.

Next you want to crumble the cake into a mixing bowl, you can easily do this with your hands or get your handy dandy hand mixer to help you along.

I did this in about 6 batches which was easier.

Now you will need to add in some pudding and frosting to the cake crumble. this will add more moisture to the cake, but do not add to much, you want it moist not soggy.




Once you finish adding the pudding/frosting to the crumble and it is well mixed, drop it into the litter pan.

As I mentioned before if I were to make this again I would use more white cake to keep the overall colouring lighter.

Here is where we start using the Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

These are made with oatmeal which works perfect!

I used my handy mini food processor that could crumble 4 cookies at a time with ease.

I did a complete box of cookies

Keep aside  maybe 1/2 cup of the crumbled cookies  separately.

What happened next was a fluke that really worked out well in the end.

I had a container of green food colouring but when I opened it I was finding that it had dried up!

so I used a tooth pic to get some out and held it over the small portion of cookie crumble that I had set aside and added a little water to the bowl and started mixing. well at first I thought this is garbage as it had turned into a paste.

Not what I was looking for.

So I set that aside figuring I would toss it at the end.

Out to the store I ventured and picked up some new food colouring that was still a liquid.

This was better it took only maybe 4 drops of green food colouring and it looked like some kind of chloroform that would be used in kitty litter.

I actually put the crumbs back into the mini food processor and gave it a couple of pulses, set this aside again, we use it need the end.

Add the bulk of the un-tinted cookie crumbs  are then spread over the top of the cake to give it the authentic kitty litter look.

Now it is time to make poopies!!!

The original recipe suggested using tootsie rolls , heating them in the microwave and bending them but what I am about to share is much better and more realistic.

Take a piece of the fudge brownie (this one also had chocolate chips on them) and just use your palm of your hand to roll or just squish and form to make it look like a kitty poop, the colours are perfect.

Then just lightly roll the poop in the cookie crumbs to give it that stuck to the litter experience.

You can also have a couple with out the cookie crumbs to drape over the side of the edge of the pan for that oops I did not quite get that in the pan look.

Now this was when I looked back at the pasty green cookie crumbs that I thought was garbage..

Low and behold  I found that the paste could be very easily formed into logs and it looked like the cat had bee a little green maybe eating something that it should not have.

And I tasted one and it was great. I also rolled it in the plain peanut butter cookie crumbs for the added effect.

Now just place you few pieces of poop on top and do a slight dusting of icing sugar to give the effect of using baking soda to keep the smell down (in a real kitty litter pan this one does not smell)


Now it is party time…

You can see here how great my sister Regina thought it was.

So what was the reaction like?

Well everyone thought it looked realistic, maybe too much so, and so the thought of it made it difficult for some of the guests to get past it and scoop out a serving, which was too bad as I think the taste was great.

So what was my costume for the party??? Well being the Oshawa Ogre the only thing I could go as would have to be Shrek right??

And a big big thank-you goes out to my good good friend Annette Penney for hosting the party, we had a great time.

This is Annette dressed as Wonder Woman with me.

If you would like to see more pictures from the Halloween Party you can see them on my facebook, here is a direct link to the albums

Pictures I took and some by Graham Stone

Pictures taken by my Sister Regina Devine


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