Guest Post- by Lily Grace – Crazy for BBQ the world over, from NYC to Canada, the UK, and Beyond!

From time to time I have talked to a person online and the subject of doing a guest post for my blog arises.

I am kind of picky about who gets to write for me, so please do not consider this to be an invitation to have everyone want to do this.

Here is a guest post written by Lily Grace about a BBQ event they attended in New York. Enjoy….

All thoughts and links are supplied by Lily and do not necessarily represent my beliefs.


Oh, let the naysayers think they have the last word on the global phenomena known as BBQ. They seem to suggest that the good ole US of A reigns supreme when it comes to BBQ. I mean, come on, what’s the biggest thing that you see advertised in the weeks before the 4th of July? That’s right—everything related to BBQ, including the right equipment, the meats (naturally!), the rest of the menu (you can’t have BBQ without potato salad!), and the jibber jabber that often takes place when men are standing around the grill, usually talking about baseball, or the upcoming football season. What? You think they talk about politics, or current world events at these BBQ gabfests? Don’t think so. Yes, BBQ is BIG in the U.S.
Meanwhile, just north of the U.S. lies the great country of Canada (okay, all you Canadians, you are now free to sing your beautiful national anthem!). And let me tell you, Canadians are equally passionate about BBQ. That’s a fact that even I didn’t know. But don’t take it from me. Take it from Rich Wachtel, who tells a funny story about how Canadians and Americans rival each other for the title of BBQ masters And you thought the rivalry was just about hockey, hah! I showed the article to my husband, Walter, who is quite the BBQ master himself, and he was in shock! Oh, did I tell you that he is also a diehard Montreal Canadiens fan? In fact, one year, for his birthday, I treated him to a weekend in Montreal to see the Canadiens play (and beat handily) the Boston Bruins. He was in heaven! Yes, I am such a good wife, aren’t I? But I digress (which I do often, I attribute it to frequent bouts of distractions…is that a cup of coffee I smell? Oh, I have to make that grocery list. See what I mean?)
Oh Canada, the U.S. is humbled by your national passion for all things BBQ.
But wait, there’s more! This whole BBQ craze got me thinking that maybe I should dig deeper and see just how far this phenomena goes. Can you believe it? People all over the world love BBQ as much as we do here in North America. Crazy, huh?
So I did even more research (I had a lot of time on my hands) and found that the U.K. is just bonkers (you like that British slang?) about BBQ as those of us in North America! Oh, but it appears those dang Brits like to go a wee bit more gourmet, barbecuing other cuts of meat besides beef. Are you game for some BBQ lamb, perhaps? Come on, Canada and U.S.! We can’t let the good folks across the pond show us up, can we? I guess the next time Walter and I are visiting the U.K. (in our dreams I’m afraid), we are going to have to try some BBQ there. But I wonder if Brits barbecue like we do here in North America, in terms of the barbecue grills and other equipment? The article didn’t delve into this particular detail, but it leads me to believe that they would use the same type of BBQ equipment. Lo and behold, they do, they do! Maybe this is an area that North America can better compete, or be more innovative? I mean, there’s got to be someone out there who’s cooking up (no pun intended!) a new way to BBQ all kinds of meats. In the meantime, I’m afraid that the Brits are just as clever when it comes to making sure that they have the right equipment for serving up bangers, lamb, or whatever kinds of meats they want to BBQ. I was so fascinated to find out about the Brits’ love of BBQ, that I found this article written by a Brit who apparently is not aware of his countrymen’s efforts to go beyond “another blackened sausage” and become more creative, barbecuing such gourmet delectables, such as lamb. Someone should make him aware of the efforts underway in the U.K. to address the writer’s seemingly disappointed with BBQ there. I think he would be pleasantly surprised, don’t you?
But to come full circle on this whole international passion for everything BBQ, I should also point out that my husband, Walter, enjoys barbecue so much, that every place we visit, he is always on the lookout for a great BBQ restaurant.
In New York City, for example, yes, the Big Apple, we found a couple of great BBQ restaurants that would rival any of those found in the South. In fact, given the sheer number of people who live in the metro New York area, it’s no surprise that that the city has so embraced the BBQ craze that it has instituted an annual BBQ event that showcases unbelievable BBQ in New York, as well as from other parts of the U.S. The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party is just that: one big monstrous block party that takes place every June in Madison Park. And talk about lines at each BBQ stand! Count Walter and me in that massive crowd, just to get a taste of some of the city’s (and country’s) best BBQ! Yummy! Walter and I have gone to this particular event twice already. I think the next time we find ourselves in the Big Apple, we’ll plan to go in June and you know what the highlight of our trip is going to be, right?
So Canadians, Brits, wherever you live in the world—do you think YOU have an annual event that’s better than New York City’s?
Guest Blogger: Lily Grace
My husband, Walter, and I live on the East Coast, and enjoy a good barbecue whenever we can. And yes, he does the barbecuing in our family, and has actually created some great rub sauces for ribs. Me? I stand there, plate in hand, waiting for him to give me my BBQ!

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