Burgers and BBQ in one place, WhoooHoooo this is BurgerQue in Fort Myers Florida

On the last legs of my Southern Expedition 3.0 I am staying at my parents house in North Fort Myers Florida.

Most meals I have with my parents at the home so while here I am not eating many meals out, but today I wanted to find a new BBQ joint to give a go.

After a quick google search I found on UrbanSpoon something that caught my eye in an instant…. BurgerQue!

As many of you know I have spent a long time writing about BBQ and have reviewed many a BBQ Joint, but my Friends know that I am also a fan of Burgers, so much so that I became friends with the Burger Broads.

Mz. D and the Broads have done some great Burger Joint videos and I have even been involved in a couple of their shoots.

BurgerQue or at least idea of it gave me a craving that I had to at give this a try.

When I arrived around the noon hour on a Wednesday I saw a couple of customers sitting outside at picnic tables enjoying their meals, a couple more at the order window and one customer in a van in the drive-through.

After taking a few shots of the outside I looked at the menu that one of the employees handed me through the order window. There is no inside seating in the joint but there is a lot of tables outside.

Click on the menu to see it full size

At first I was thinking of trying the Jake Burger which has Pulled pork on it or the Cowboy Burger that is topped with brisket, but I decided to ask my order taker what she would suggest for me to get a true sense of their BBQ profile.

She was very helpful in describing the menu to me and I decided to take her advice and ordered a half chicken along with a 1/3 lb. of their pulled pork.

I must admit I have not had chicken very often when doing restaurant reviews but back home I have had Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ’s chicken a few times and it is something that I like.

BurgerQue uses a FastEddy 100 to do their smoked foods and in the case of the chicken after it is smoked they give it a char on the grill and when you order you can ask for a light, medium or dark char, I thought it best to go medium this time.

They only have one flavour of sauce which they serve on the side.

I tasted the sauce first and I found it to be a tomato based sauce that has a nice blend of sweetness along with some nice chunks of spices and just a touch of heat.

I then mixed the small container of sauce in with the pulled pork (after first tasting the pulled pork naked which was tender and juicy!)

The chicken was amazing, tender, juicy, not in anyway overpowering. I used the sauce as a dipping sauce (There was a little brushed on too during the char grilling, which made for a tasty skin, and that skin had good bite to it.

I probably should of got some sides but that meal (which cost $12.00 including a large coke) was rather filling.

After I finished my lunch Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I had the pleasure of having the owner Tim Mankin sit with me outside for 20 minutes to chat.

Owner Tim Mankin standing proudly in front of his BurgerQue

Tim was more than willing to go into detail of his vision for the BurgerQue and Tim has plenty of restaurant experience working with his brother previously and back in the day with Dad.

Having reached his 40th birthday a couple of years back he was given a Bobby Flay and that book gave him the push to start BurgerQue.

He found a location that used to be a Checkers Drive-in that failed and for the past 2 years has been selling his Burgers and BBQ ever since.

Future plans include the possibility of adding a Beer Garden.

BurgerQue also delivers  and while I was there I saw at least 3 different drivers all wearing BurgerQue T-shirts pull up to the side door grab a cooler and a bag of food and drive out to bring some of this southern goodness to peoples homes.

Right now as I am writing this post I am looking at the menu which I took back to my parents and seeing the burgers on the menu I know that I have to head back down the 41 Hwy to try a burger too.

I held off posting this article live so that I can add the burger review….

It is now Thursday evening and today for lunch I drove the 7 miles back to BurgerQue to try a burger

I decided to go with the Cowboy Baby which is a regular burger that is topped with brisket, BBQ sauce, coleslaw, spicy pickles & cheese on toasted bread.

But I was not done, I asked how good their shakes were and the order taker said they were exceptional and asked me if I have ever had a Maple Bacon Shake, ok, now that made me smile! I also thought to myself how excited my friend Annette Penney”s daughter Alexia would of been if she was here! (Bacon is her thing!)

I opened the sandwich and the topping looked good, the beef patty I thought was maybe a little thin but with the brisket on top it was a good sized portion overall.


Taste wise, this was one really good toasted sandwich. it had flavour it had zing it had spice and it was everything nice!


While I was eating it the juices were dripping down onto the foil.

I could not help but think that something that would go really well with the Cowboy instead of using toasted white bread would be to use toasted light -Rye instead

kind of like what I did on my Grilla in September for my patty melts.

Oh I guess I should let Alexia Penney and the rest of you know what I thought of the Maple Bacon Milkshake….

AWESOME! seemed like a vanilla based shake but with some Maple and Bacon flavour added…. Superb!

Still not done, the order taker knowing that I was reviewing their food was asking if I would be back another time to try the ribs, which they are most proud of.

Now I knew I could not come back again as I was going to Fort Lauderdale Friday and Saturday I was heading home. So even though I had a feeling that the burger would fill me I let them talk me into getting a 3rd of a rack of ribs (4 bones)

The size of the Ribs were massive and they were tender and the rub they added to the meat was a winning combination

just like the chicken the day before they asked me if I wanted them charred light medium or dark and I wanted a medium char (reminds me of RibFest ribs back home :-)

All the food from today ran me about $17.00 a fair price, If I had a friend with me I could of shared the ribs and the sandwich and still of been satisfied.

That will be my splurge until Saturday night when I hope to get together with Tim Wysocki and Aaron Smith aka HankBob in Jacksonville.

Over all If you are ever cruising down Cleveland Avenue look for # 3852 on the west side across from the Big Kmart store.

Stop in and tell them that the Oshawa Ogre gave BurgerQue 2 sticky thumbs up.

Social media wise Tim told me they need to improve their social media presence and he is right I noticed that his BurgerQue Facebook fan page has been stagnant since June, but perhaps we can give it a boost for him and talk it up.

I suggested that Twitter is also important for business, we will see if he adds that to his Social media portfolio.

They also have a BurgweQue website

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