Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ & Catering opens full restaurant in Pickering beside the Liverpool GO Station

Horn Dawg Sign

For the last three years Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ has been winning so many awards at Ontario area Ribfests and have been the home town heroes in Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa and Bowmanville.

One of the most common questions I have been asked is “When will Horn Dawgs open a restaurant so that we can eat their BBQ more often instead of only four weekends a year in the summer?”

Well after a short stint of running a BBQ Booth at the Pickering Markets on weekends Rob Butler and his wife Donna Darling have made the big step finally and have taken over the Johnny Midnights BBQ Location at 1410 Bayly Street in Pickering and re-opened under Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ & Catering.

Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (17)

This is so great for them on many levels.

First of all they have such a fan following here in Durham Region and BBQ is making a huge splash here in Canada now (Just look how much sauce is splashed on Manda during Ribfest!, yeah pun intended)


Second having a full kitchen to work out of is just what Rob & Donna need to do their Catering out of which has really taken off! (Did you know that Horn Dawgs are already booked to do at least one catering every weekend all summer long to go along with the Ribfests and other big events they already do!)

Third the area where the restaurant is located is in need of a great place to have lunch or dinner since it is a widely industrial area.

Being just East of the Liverpool GO Station makes it perfect for the workers in the area to grab some BBQ to go and take it on the train to chow down on.

Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (16)

Ashly and Manda

Ashly and Manda

Rob & Donna along with employees Manda & Ashley will be serving BBQ that you have seen at Ribfests including their award winning Ribs, Pulled Pork and Brisket. Also added to the menu are some Jumbo Southern Fried style Buttermilk Chicken Wings with a variety of Sauces and rubs. My favorite are the Lemon Pepper Wings…. YUM!

Lemon Pepper Wings with Pulled Pork

Lemon Pepper Wings with Pulled Pork

As you can see by the chalk board menu’s there is even more than that by serving fries, rings, mashed potatoes, corn bread and much more.

Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (7) Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (8) Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (6)

Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (12)

Rob Butler and Manda in front of the Fast Eddy 100 Smoker


In the restaurant they use a Fast Eddy 100 for smoking but they also have a Cookshack 500 and a Southern Pride 500 on trailers for when it gets busy.

Inside the restaurant there is enough seating available for 14 guests and for those that would like to Eat in the staff can have your order ready to Take out in mere minutes!

And here is something really kewl!

911 Special – Emergency Services Personnel receive 25% off your order any day, any time, when on duty

It is nice when local businesses show their respect to the people that keep us all safe!

Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (14)

Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (1) Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (3) Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (4) Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (5) Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (9) Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (10)

As per the Horn Dawgs slogan …It’s all about the sauce baby!!!


The sauce has been a major reason that they have taken the Ribfest circuit by storm and they received so many awards because of the sauce which is smoky and sweet with a touch of heat. In fact in 2010 they one the top award for the best sauce in Canada at the Burlington Ribfest to go with the many many awards in the other Ribfests across Ontario

Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ Bayly (2)

As I mentioned earlier Horn Dawgs also does catering for parties and it does not have to be BBQ !!! they just did an engagement party that featured out of this world Crab Cakes and Ahhhhhmazing perfectly cooked Lamb! so if you need to satisfy a bunch of guests you should give Donna Darling a call at 647-207-2898

If you are in the Pickering area I would strongly recommend that you stop by and  try some BBQ, they are open Monday to Friday 11am til 7pm and 11 am til 5pm on Saturdays. You can even call ahead with your order and they will have it ready for you when you arrive. 905-839-2112

Tell em’ that the Oshawa Ogre sent you in!

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