The New Season of Ribfest has begun, my first stop…. Pickering Ontario

Pickering 2013 Ribfest (6) Pickering 2013 Ribfest (7) Pickering 2013 Ribfest (10)


I have been a busy guy the last few months, trying to keep up with life’s challenges, but sometimes you need to take a day off and just have fun.

And what better way to spend a day than to go to a Ribfest!!!

Pickering is a great show and the organizers do a fantastic job of organizing a clean fun event.

The last couple of years I have been designing and printing the banners that are given as prizes to the ribbers that have the best of awards such as Best Sauce, Best Pulled Pork and of course Best Ribs

1st pulled pork 1st ribs 1st sauce

Even though the weather was overcast and there were some rain showers the event still brought in in excess of 60,000 people.

Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ continued their domination of the pulled pork category taking this years People’s Choice. and also won a couple of other top 3 finishes in Sauce and Ribs.

Myself I had the Ribs and a half Chicken that I shared with a friend.

Next up is the event in Bowmanville a little further East and hoping to see a bunch of my friends there.

If you have not seen it yet here is a link to the entire 2013 Ribfest Schedule for Ontario





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  • Hate to hear that about your personal dilemma but I’m glad you are moving forward. We seem to have more KCBS contests than festivals like this, although we do have a festival in September that I’m looking forward to.

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